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Since our product is made in house, in our own production shop, we ensure that we are fully stocked at all times. We hand deliver to USPS twice a day. If your order is placed before 11:30 AM (central), it will generally ship on the noon run and will reach most locations in the United States in 2 days. Using our Express option, next day delivery is available to many locations as well.

GoPro...Fully Compatible with all versions:

LynkSpyder is fully compatible with all versions of the GoPro HERO camera, up to and including the HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session.  Just ensure that you have a GoPro tripod mount, which doesn't come with all versions of the GoPro (comes mostly with kits).  But can easily picked up from most box stores that sell GoPro products.  Also available on Amazon.  Checkout our recommended setups below for the 2 most popular GoPro cameras:

GoPro HERO4 Silver Recommended Setup

GoPro HERO5 Black Recommended Setup


What is LynkSpyder? 

LynkSpyder is a rugged chain link fence sports camera mount, mounting devices like the GoPro Hero® cameras, Smartphones, Pocket Radars, and other standard camcorders to a chain link fence for recording baseball and softball games. It can also be used for tennis, pickleball, futsal, or any other sport where fencing may restrict your view.  With 4 points of failure, and fast and easy adjustments in all directions, LynkSpyder is the the safest and most flexible system for mounting your camera to nearly any kind of sports fence.  Want to mount a camera to a fence?  Got Spyder?

Stainless Steel

All fabricated pieces are precision laser cut from 14 gage stainless steel.

Permanent Marking

Laser Engraved

All logos, labels, and markings are perminantly engraved into the surface of the steel components. They are designed to withstand scratch and scrape.


Baseball and Softball Family

Our family is actively involved in both travel baseball and softball. We understand all of the craziness that is involved in full weekends every weekend of constant ball. Our products are designed with this knowledge in the forefront.

Made in the USA


All LynkSpyders are proudly fabricated and assembled by my family in the Mid-West, USA. We use all local laser cutting and engraving vendors. We are very proud to be made in the USA!