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LynkSpyder - Standard Model

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  • LynkSpyder - Standard ModelLynkSpyder - Standard ModelLynkSpyder - Standard ModelLynkSpyder - Standard Model

    LynkSpyder - Standard Model

    Designed mainly with the GoPro® in mind, the basic LynkSpyder will keep your camera close to the fence and held firmly in place while recording baseball, softball, tennis, and any other sport where fencing is restricting your view. Coupled with a GoPro® compatible "Tripod Mount", the basic model will include everything needed to mount your GoPro® to most fence and mesh systems. 

    Compatible with GoPro HERO2 through HERO5 (including the HERO Session).  See the notes below for making the LynkSpyder compatible with non-GoPro cameras.

    Click here to find information on how to mount your Pocket Radar device to LynkSpyder

    Click here to find information on how to mount your Smart device to LynkSpyder

    This bracket includes the following:

    (1) Base Plate
    (4) Spyder Claws
    (1) Spyder Slyder
    (4) Neoprene shock absorbers
    (6) Bolts
    (7) Wing Knobs
    (1) Setscrew
    NOTE: When mounting a GoPro® camera, the GoPro® Tripod mount is required. See the optional accessory below (Thumb screw not included.  Compatible with screw that came with GoPro).
    When using traditional camcorders, select the "Adapter Bracket" option below.

    See the links above for external hardware needed for Smart Devices and Pocket Radars.

    • $49.00
    • In stock: YES
    LynkSpyder Accessories
    Adapter Bracket (camcorder) $10
    Fastener Replacement Kit $12
    Tripod Mount (GoPro) $6Tripod Mount (GoPro)