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GoPro HERO5 Configuration

The following are the recommended items (based on our own experience) for shooting with a GoPro camera.
As you will note from our "Recommended Equipment" page, we still have the HERO4 Silver as the recommended camera.  We are still in the process of testing the HERO5 Black in various game situations, but feel comfortable recommending the following configuration and setup.

Source: LynkSpyder Store (Click Here)
GoPro HERO5 Black 
Source: Amazon (Click Here)

Resolution: 1080
Frames Per Second (FPS): 60
Field of View (FOV): Linear (wide for short backstops; narrow for deep)
Beeps: None
LEDs: None
Vibration Reduction On (probably not required unless fence is weak)

SanDisc Extreme Plus SD Card  (64GB) 
(Updated 3/16/17: Sandisk model change...same card as before)
Source: Amazon (Click Here)
While we use the card listed above, for a listing of all of the cards that GoPro claims to support, click here.

Tripod Mount (Required)
Source: Now available as an optional accessory in the bracket store.

EasyAcc 20000 Power Bank External Battery
Source: Amazon (Click Here)

Pouch for Battery
Source: Lowes (Click Here)
Information on how to use external power on the HERO5 Black:

Side-By-Side & Split Screen of the GoPro HERO4 Silver and HERO5 Black: